Advice on places to live near Montpellier for a small family

Hello everyone,

My wife, 4yr old boy and I are considering moving to the Montpellier area for September 2017. We will be visiting the area in October to do a little research. We would greatly appreciate any advice the forum might provide us.

We are particularly interested in the following:

We do not want to live in the core of Montpellier, but in a nearby community. However, one with good public transport links to Montpellier as I will be commuting regularly by TGV to London. Also, somewhere within a 20-30 minutes commute to the train station.

Can you recommend any particular towns that are interesting?

We are also concerned about having a good French public school. If anyone has knowledge or experience with schools for little ones, that would be very appreciated.

Thanks very much!
Tom and Burcu

Hi Tom and Burcu,

Quite a long time ago, I worked for a while in a town called Sète which is a little way outside of Montpelier. I remember that is was a really beautiful little town. It may be worth checking it out on the internet.


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