HEY guys

my name is abby and i want to study at maldives business school for my associate degree, i have been looking through ibay for student accomodation and the prices are like 2500, 3500 mvr so i would like to know if this will be a monthly price and will it include all utility bills, also wifi, is wifi readily available in most accomodations.



Hi Abby,

Please drop an advert in the Housing in Maldives section of the website so that you may get some offers.

all the best,

i just need general information for the mean time, not anything official

hey Abby have u order getting the admission yet

hey sayed, i put in a few applications and hopefully i get positive replies, but also housing and livingcosts will determine my chances of actually studying there

OK that will not be a problem
since u have gotten admission
I think is not going to be are problem then because me to I was think to travel to Maldives and start work there
so I was think if we could rent a apartment me and you if that we not be a problem to you @Abby

will see how it goes

Hello abby am an african working in Male, maldives, for any infos u may need, feel welcomed and dont hesitate to ask me.

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