Au pair in Villanueva de la Cañada- Meeting friends 18-19yo

Hello, I'm an au pair in Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, and I'm here for 3 months. I was hoping to meet some other Au pairs or exchange students or expats here around 18-19 years old so I have a few friends to hang out with sometime


I have also just moved to Madrid from England to work as an Au pair until Christmas :). Do you fancy meeting up some time? :)

Yes girl!!! I feel like I'm the only au pair who's under 20 and I need to make some friends 😩 When are you free!!!

Haha me too! I desperately need to make some friends! How about this weekend?

Yes! Add me on Facebook, we'll talk there


I'm really sorry I've not got Facebook but you can email or whatsapp me if it's easier? :)

Yeah whatsapp is fine 😊 What's your number?

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My name's Anna Vera and  I'm an 18-year-old tudent from Austria. The next 2 months I'm gonna spend in Madrid and would be very happy if you'd like to meet up sometime ;)

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