I love Qassim and would like to return there

;) Hi there.
I am an ex-pat, living and working in Saudi Arabia since December 2014. I am originally from South Africa. During my stay in Saudi, I ended up visiting La Palma in Qassim and am hoping to return to work and live there.

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Thank you.  I am currently in Riyadh.. if you don't mind sharing your solution,  please direct message me. I'd appreciate it.

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hi hasu4
hope you will be fine

lovelyfriend :

hi hasu4
hope you will be fine

Two responders moderated for whatever reasons. Do you want to be the third for being off-topic?


Cant blame them......the title of this thread is extremely leading .......while the post itself has no relation to it whatsoever.

It merely stated that I love Qasim and would like to return there. It wasn't an 'ad' for a job. Delete it if you must.  Getting tired of all the negativity. Cheers

Hello everyone,

@ Hasu4, there was indeed a confusion. The title was misleading. I changed it after your recent post, so it should be ok now.

all the best,

send you CV

email: xxx

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Thank you. They're going to delete your post, but I'm glad I caught this.

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