Medellin Colombia

My name is Rajnish Tyagi, i was born in India.
For last 32 years, i called San Francisco, California my home. During that time i made some other countries home too, but for small amount of time. But traveling to India for short period was always fun.
Now planing to retire after working 29 years with United Airlines (based SFO) as Aircraft Mechanic. I pilot small planes too(non commercial).
And i have chosen Medellin, Colombia as my new home.
I like Medellin coz food is still organic and lot of fruits varieties available ( i turned vegetarian for last few years). People are very nice, very friendly even though still i cant speak Spanish fluently. I have girlfriend here who has big family, which i really enjoy. Back home i had small family of 6 members. But here, on X-mas we had a gathering of 40 people on farm....every body was either in the family or kid's boyfriends/girlfriends.
Medellin is party town too, and much better parties then SF.

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Welcome to Colombia and the Expat.  I too just moved to Colombia after retiring.  The fresh vegtables and fruits are a plus.  My wife and i enjoy going to La Ceja to do our shopping at the farmers market.

Its always exciting to find somebody of Indian origin in Latin America. I was almost a specimen when I lived in Central Mexico.

Your name reminds me of old friends during school years in India. I am curious to know what your experience is like in a culture I know is charming. The best people to party with are Colombians, Punjabis, Mexicans and Russians :)


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