Retiring to cambodia

hi all,
I wish to get to know people who are already in Cambodia and learn from their experiences about living, working or starting a business there. I will be traveling there soon and would like the opportunity to meet. Please email. Thanks Jazz4me

I am interested to know more about Cambodia. I've been there before and like the place. I wish to know more people and understand the local culture before deciding to move there. Can you help me?


Well  jimmy, if you look at this sight much you will see, one of the coolest things about Cambodia is that it has such varied opinion? Especially Phnom Penh, which I love??, but was a small town guy so it's like living in my dream, , but it's loud , dirty , clean, it's people are varied , but too me so nice, so I think if your a people guy , you can make a lot of friends , every thing is here, this morning out my riverside area condo, I saw a beggar sitting next to a parked beautiful black rolls Royce , it's so cool the whole , like everything all in one on two blocks , but basically safe, if your not hanging out midnight or walking around drunk, it's so affordable, the people are incredible , this is my two cents as they say , bag snagging I've heard of almost always late at night in bar areas , take a cheap Tuk Tuk late at night and your good to go , , motos are half the price , and I find in the day I take motos , then after dark , Tuk Tuks , I would not suggest buying a moto , untill you have spent at least 10-20 hours riding on the back of a moto

hi twinguys,
Thanks for your views. I am considering moving to Cambodia for retirement. I live in Singapore, where the cost of living is very high. Need to find a more affordable place to retire. How much is it to rent a condo - may be a 2 bedroom unit? What are the main concerns in relocation?

Thanks for your advice.


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Jimmy I would suggest getting a guest house for a few days , for rent signs everywhere , for rent , easiest to go that way you can get whole picture and what area you are going to want to live in , plenty for rent

Jimmy don't forget , every price is the asking , I usually get three four months rent saved up mine is pretty nice 400.00, paid for the whole four months up front they were asking 625.00, so cash up front if you can do it is way to go

You mean you paid a deposit of $400 for 4-month. Does that mean you rental is only $100 per month. Is this a condo with full facililties or an apartment unit.


No, no it's on the Mekong, it's 400 a month , with maid , I've heard 60$ to 3000$ so it's just where you want to be and how " western " your wanting

$400 per month + maid sounds affordable but what type of housing is this? Is this a full condo facility? Is it downtown or the outskirts? Is it conveniently located, safe and close to amenities and public transportation? Do we have to pay any deposits or other hidden cost, and is there a minimum lease period? Thanks for your help.


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