Help me move to Saint Kitts

Hi, my name is Marina. I'm 21 and just visited the island. I completely fell in love and I want to move as soon as I can. Am I dreaming and this is actually a difficult process that might not happen? Could anyone help me get started with the steps in moving?

Thank you guys.

Hi Marina,

Welcome to :)

The following websites might help you :

- … -and-nevis
- … mmigration

It seems that your visit there was successful, what you appreciated the most ? ;)

Wish you success in your expats projects,


I appreciated so much. My favorite was the slow pace of the island. I always feel like time is working against me and I did not feel that there. I loved all the locals and of course the beauty of the island.

However, I am from the United States. Will the process be much different?

Thank you

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