Got my final exit

Guys I got my final exit from my company. And I'm now back into my mother land ..but  what worries  me is that it's not stamped  and that worries me if I will be able to return to saudi arabia. ..and there is one declaration letter  that I signed with my company that says  Im not allowed to work with their competitors .when I asked them who are they , refuse to tell me ..(can somebody tell me what do they mean by that?)   

Do they mean Im nt allowed to accept any teaching job  to any companies that hire teachers here? I don't know. .


(Im not allowed to work with their competitors) that's normaly and most of companies  request this. which means while you work you can't ask to transfer your Iqama to their competitors and do the same job.
right now you got final exit and you can come again to any company you want even their competitors, dont worry .

Sultanrio ! Thank  you so so much...I am now releaved. ..thought I will never come back  to saudi. ..but I wonder why do they ask  ppl to sign that. ..Anyway thanks.

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