Giving birth in germany

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Hartwig. Sure one can always find some examples of people scamming the system but one should be careful of generalizations. I have to wonder how you are so well informed about your foreign neighbors though.  Having kids might be a short term strategy to avoid deportation but sounds unlikely concerning the long term consequences. What’s to stop authorities from deporting someone once their child is more than a few months old if that were actually the case?  There must be more to the story than you know. And a guy from Togo would not get residency just for having made some children – unless he has married a German citizen or resident. Say a foreigner is married and has some kids with a German woman. Unless he has particular skills then his job opportunities would be limited. But if the woman has a decent job then it makes more sense for her to work and for him to stay home with the kids than her. And if she doesn’t earn so much, then of course they should be entitled to social monies.  Or do you think the kids should suffer just because the father is a foreigner? It sounds like you might have some xenophobic issues other than legitimate concerns.

I wish I can post copies of  my visa,permit,passport and residents online so that you can believe me .i am not a scamer nor illegal in Europe .i came in with a student visa to study .i agree my foolishness ended me in this situation but please dont add pepper to my injury . I walked myself into this my current situation to find shelter and my boyfriend but nt to seek for asylum.

I wish I can post copies of my visa,passport,permit etc so that you believe me.I wish you will understand how frustrated and confused I was when I found out I was pregnant considering the investment my family invested in my education.I agree my stupidity ended me into my current situation bt please dnt put pepper into my injury.I wish I can turn back the hands of time ,I would have focused on studies (my future)than getting myself pregnant.I still have time to correct my mistake by going back to school to finish my exams because my study visa is still active .what I want now is the father to pay for the child maintains even when I leave Germany to help in the up keep of the baby.I know God has a purpose for giving her to me at this time of my life .it has not been easy for me since I became pregnant but I hope things will be better someday and thanks to all advice on this platform I really appreciate

Posting images of a passport or visa here is not advisable! This would be a risk to openly display such sensitive documents. Don't worry about the doubters. Some of the situation sounds strange but life often is. As long as you don't start asking for money or sponsorship, there is no problem to inquire on this site if you are legit.

Like mentioned by others, you might need a lawyer but Germany is usually good about seeing that people get child support from the father - but only as long as he actually lives and works here. If he goes elsewhere then they will not likely track him down or have any way to make him pay.

The only one who can answer why they might be holding on to your documents are the authorities doing so. If there was actually a request for asylum or refugee status then it might be a problem. If they reject it and feel you have not been honest then you might risk having your Italian visa cancelled as well. With such problems to deal with so many refugees, authorities don't take it lightly if they suspect fraud and the consequence could be a ban from the whole EU and not just rejection from Germany. Hopefully this will not be the case.

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