Transit Visa: Pakistani with a European Residence Permit


Having a 20 hour transit in Doha, is it possible to get a visa on arrival for a Pakistani passport holding European Residence?


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A definitive, 'informative' answer would be more helpful on the forum for everyone.

Nope, no visa on arrival for Pakistani citizens Z, but you can apply for a transit visa if I'm not mistaken.

Thx Romaniac,

That's also my understanding about less than 20 hours transit visa. Was hoping to get a response from someone who had  firsthand experience. 

Else, I'll need to come back in two days and write the firsthand response myself.. : )

Hope all is good.

It depends, I do know couple of Philippine passport holders who were able to get out of the airport for having a layover of more than 8 hours, and a couple of Westerners who were denied, so you never know. Given that your tickets were not purchased during promotional period and it's not the cheapest available fare, there are chances they could give you the visa and hotel, free of charge.

One friend was flying Manila - Doha - Barcelona and was out for like 10 hours, another one was Manila bound and also got the same, visa and hotel, free of charge.

Let us know your experience for the benefit of the others.

You are right RC, apparently, its random. Having multiple visas, I was told that I needed to apply beforehand even for a transit visa since I have a Pakistani passport. And at the same time, I met a European couple in the lounge that were given the same reason.

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