Electricity Company in Honduras

Does anyone know the new electricity company in Honduras. (Cortes)

The village my gf lives in often has blackouts after a storm, but apparently they are no longer willing to fix the problem, so they have been SOL without electricity for a few days, and no one is willing to fix the problem.

Apparently it is no longer National Electricity Company (ENEE)

does anyone know anything about this?

One thing that in recent years the ENEE has done is get worse but change has come recently.
The demand for electricity has grown very fast and apparently, small towns which are not an industrial or commercial priority get shut down to provide for bigger cities. That is just my opinion based on accounts from people from small towns Ive heard. People call radio and TV talk shows  from all over the countryside to complain about this so I gather the demand is greater than generation capacity and priority is given to production areas.
A new company has been hired to commercialize electricity and they are supposedly going to streamline the system. They are going to install new meters so people can prepay or something like that.
Does your GFs town have power meters? If not, they probably pay very little for electricity so they get very little too. It all should get better soon.

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