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Hi everybody,

I have received a letter from Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit). In short it requires me to apply for the rehabilitation services and if I do not cooperate(mitwirken),  it will reject my application for the benefits. Of course, it sounds obvious that I'd better take the offer. 
But there is a point I do concern:

In the letter it's written, " Ich nehme zur Kenntnis, dass mein Anspruch auf Arbeitslosengeld ruht, wenn ich meiner Mitwirkungspflicht gegenüber dem Rehabilitations- oder Rentenversicherungsträger nicht nachkomme.''....

Now the question is,
1) Does it mean that I cannot refuse any advice given by  the experts from the rehabilitation centre even if he/she requires me to have a surgery?
2) Can I choose the types of treatments I prefer (e.g. physiotherapy) in the process of rehabilitation?

P.S. In these months I endure and do different types of exercises every day for my herniated disc and my situation is really improved. I really don't want to have surgery because I am almost recovered and I am planning how to get back to work. It just needs time.

Therefore, your reply can really give me a big help.
Thank you very much!

The case : … 08#3256729

It says you have to cooperate with the rehabilitation provider and the pension insurance.
What does your rehabilitation provider or the pension insurance advice?

Hello beppi,

Thank you very much for your lovely reply. I really need somebody to help me, thank you.

I have not being contacted by any rehabilitation provider or pension insurance yet. It is just my worry that I will be "advised" to have a surgery. I hope I can know more about my right before I am arranged to met them.

According to the letter (if I have not misunderstood), I need to sign this declaration in order to apply for the "Leistungen zur medizinischen Rehabilitation" first. Then, send it to  Agentur für Arbeit , and the government will arrange the services for me. I have checked wiki about the rehabilitation services in Germany but it's just some general information.

I am worried about being "persuaded" to have a surgery because I had a very bad experience last year. I changed 3 doctors last year. 2 of them ignored my sicknesses, pain and will, urging me to go back to work or "persuaded" me to have a surgery. Luckily, I met a good doctor at last. At least she gave me a test and tried to understand my situation. Therefore I could have a chance to wait for my full recovery without a big financial problem.

Briefly for point C in the letter:

"Ich nehme zur Kenntnis, dass

- die medizinischen oder psychologischen Unterlagen an andere Sozialleistungsträger (z.B. Krankenkasse, Agentur für Arbeit, Versorgungsamt, Berufsgenossenschaft) auch für deren gesetzliche Aufgaben weitergeleitet werden (69 Absatz 1 Nr. 1 Zehntes Buch Sozialgesetzbuch - SGB X),

- ich dem jedoch widersprechen kann (76 Absatz 2 Nr. 1 SGB X),

- bei jedem Widerspruch die Leistung ganz oder teilweise versagt oder entzogen werden kann,

- mein Anspruch auf Arbeitslosengeld ruht, wenn ich meiner Mitwirkungspflicht gegenüber dem Rehabilitations- oder Rentenversicherungsträger nicht nachkomme."

Any advice from you is indeed very valuable for me.

Thank you beppi and everyone, helping a stranger like me.
Many loves!

So, if I understand this correctly, you are applying here for funding of rehabilitation measures. To get the money, you need to cooperate. If you don't cooperate, funding will stop.
I am not from the medical field, but to my understanding rehabilitation is not surgery, so I cannot see why that would be required. But you should consult your doctor about this - and a lawyer about your rights and responsibilities.

Yes, you're right. And I will try to ask my doctor in the next appointment.
Thank you very much!

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