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I tried to order some products online but i was not able to recieve any of them till now. Normally online store giving us a call to confirm the order. If i answer to the call in english they disconect the line...Please ,,any vietnamese can help me to place an order? Drop me a message!!!!

On which website are you ordering?

I've been using several websites with minors issues. (No stock most of the time, even it saying the opposite on the website).

Which websites you've ordered from ? I will help if i can

Thank you so much for your kind reply... I tried to order with

Thank you so much for your reply. I tried to order through Please help me if you can... How will i contact you?

Seems that some e-commerce sites are struggling. recently closed down with no notice: … l-out.html

E-commerce is a new industry in Vietnam, no doubt there will be some growing pains.

I hope you have success with your order at

sendo is a marketplace. I assume you opted for COD and that you have not paid anything yet. In such case, calling sendo hotline is futile. You should contact the seller directly and ask if the item you want to purchase is available.

Never had a problem with Lazado. And you can track your orders online.

I also use and the ordering process and delivery is excellent. The website has both vietnamese and english language options. I have ordered a number of items over the last year and never had a problem and we live 200km from hcmc. I choose the cod payment method and the free delivery option if available. Lazada only seem to call to confirm the order if it is a relatively expensive item otherwise it just arrives and i pay the person making the delivery.

Thanx for ur reply... Yup i placed cod orders...

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