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I got a job offer in Commercial Agencies CO, LLC as Secreterial Admin Profile.  Salary is 320 (O.R). The Travel Agency is in Warangal, India and they sent me an offer letter on company letter head.  In the offer letter it is mentioned as Agreement 3 Years.  They asked me attend medical tests for Oman through GAMCA and certifications get attested before endorsement procedure.

My questions is:

1. Is this normal procedure, where we get offer letter and they ask us to go to Medical Tests?
2. How long will it take to get the VISA. Is VISA guaranteed?
3. I already paid around 2 Lakh Indian rupees to the agent and he is asking me for 1 Lakh Indian rupees as deposit and will return as soon as i reach Oman. Can i believe him?

Can you please help me with this? The Agency in India is called STAR TRAVEL AGENCY. I went to his office and it seems ok. I want to make sure that i am not being cheated. Please help me.


Hi pavankmm,

A few mentions in your post above are raising the red flag for me :

(1) Secretarial / Admin profile is fully Omanised. In that case, how could you have been offered that job profile ?

(2) Any expatriate employment contract is only for 2-years, since the employment visa is valid only for 2-years. So how come your job contract says it is for 3-years ? It cannot be.

(3) Your agent has already collected INR. 2 lakhs from you and is now asking you for INR. 1 lakh more. For what ?

It is any day better for the employee to get in touch with the employer directly.

In your case, if you have the employer's phone number / email, or any other contact information, then get in touch with them directly and find out if they have actually offered you a position, as your agent is claiming.

Also getting labour clearance for a job that is 100% Omanised would be impossible.

Unfortunate for you, Oman is closed starting tomorrow until the 17th on account of the Eid Al Adha holidays. So you will be able to contact your employer only on Sunday the 18th of September.

Better be careful. Do not pay any more money to your agent until and unless you clarify the above points directly from the employer.

Stay safe.

Thanks for Sumitran for the prompt response. I really appreciate it. I will get more details from the Agent and will touch base if i have any questions.

Thanks Again.


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