Customs Broker who can assist with bringing our dog into the country

We will be arriving in San Jose on December 14th.  Our dog will be arriving with us as air cargo via the United Airlines PetSafe program.  We will be arriving after custom hours and need to find a broker who can assist with 'pre-clearing' our dog through customs so we can pick him up.

Does anyone have a custom broker that they have worked with that they would recommend?  I've been unable to identify anyone via the web.

I was under the impression that if an animal that was being transported as 'cargo', arrived after office hours at SJO they would be kept your expense.

I was advised by United that their facility will remain open until midnight.  However, the CR custom office will be closed.  The broker is able 'pre-clear' the dog through CR customs the day of arrival and give the customs release to United cargo.  Hence my need to identify a Customers Broker.  If you know of one, please let me know.  Thanks.

In my B&B days a few years ago I had many people bring their dogs with ab VETS " Clean bill of health" papers and no broker needed  WE BROUGHT OUR CAT,, BUT HINGS MAY HAVE CHANGED..SO ASK THE EMBASSY ?? OR SOME-ONE HERE MAY HAVE RECENTLY BROUGHT IN A DOG,,,
EXCUSE CAPS Running to Airport to pick up guests no time to edit for typos ,politically correctness ..or any other thing that I am told ANNOYS people here ,, :)  makes me smile ..I enjoy typos and guessing the  meaning of words that are  for some " not understandable " sorry if you are also annoyed  by my typos ..hope not trying to help in a rush... I love animals (more than people most times :):)...
People who KNOW me know I never wanted to learn to type anyway :) (Incase I got employed to be stuck in a cubby hole LOL
   Good Luck

Never heard of THAT Overnight thing!! Maybe a scam for $$ check it out carefully  and hope your pet has a fairly good trip I always insisted on SEEING my pet on flights whee they have to change planes ,,I bet with todays fears that would not be allowed :( It is to be sure they have water mostly,  so no harm in asking for THEM to  give them water ... I know many nice hearted pet loving Airline employees who think OUTSIDE of the box...not the Robot type ...

Thanks for your reply.  I finally connected with a broker.  Dogs can no longer travel as 'checked baggage' and he is too large to fit under the seat in the aircraft cabin, so we are having to send him as 'cargo'.  The broker is  doing his best to answer all my questions.

When using United Airlines, PetSafe program, pets can no longer fly as 'checked baggage' but on some other airlines flying into Costa Rica, such as American Airlines, they can, unless they weigh more than 100lb including carrier.

According to a recent posting here, especially report #5 it states that a broker is required in San José but not in Liberia and since both are International airports,  I find this very odd, :unsure.

If it was me, I would check further into this.

Who did you find?  I have the same situation an could us this type of help.  Please advise if you don't mind.
Thank you

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