would you like having unforgetable day?

hi there
as a Saudi national living in Riyadh and,
as  i am working in a classy government organization where i always having business meeting with foreigners, where i usually took them for a refreshment after my working hours or in my weekends.

I would Like offering  you having a special day in Riyadh to sea so many beautiful locations with their real  information which i am sure you have not experiencing  yet.

I am sure it will be memorial moments.

i do have Mercedes (4*4)  2011
and Mitsubishi bajero   2015

i am more than glad to answer your questions, even if not related to my offer


Hi Khliad,

Welcome on board  :)

Make sure to create an event in the Events in Riyadh section of the website so that members can get easy access and notify you of their participation.

All the very best,

Thank you bhavna for your sugession,

Will see who is intrest , and of course will create event.

Best regards

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