Cats for Adoption

Looking for a forever home for my cats.

both are super friendly and good with kids. very social, well groomed, vaccination and neutered.

one male siamese -8 years old

female is a mix shirasi - 3 years old


Ur cats are very old now to leave them behind n they may not get adopted at all. Please consider keeping them and not breaking their hearts.

U own very sensitive heart

If we could keep them we would. I would rather us find a home for them than to have them be neglected and not well taken care of

Please don't give them to shelters they may not live long. And post pictures or contact Kare Q8. We have hard time finding homes for kittens so can u imagine 8 years old cat?

hi all,

just an update that we have re-homed both cats . thanks for your messages.

god bless you guys!!

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