Searching for Fish Bowl

Dear members,

I am an Oracle Consultant and  new to Riyadh (4 months).  I am looking for a small fish bowl with few pretty fishes thrown in. Any leads where to get it? (I can make do with a used one).
My preferred location for the hunt is near Panorama Mall (Tahliya) or Al Mather (near King Faisal Hospital).


if your near panorama mall there are 2 petshops near that place one is in Takasussi after Saco beside Java Cafe and the other one is near after panda along makkah road it called Joon.  if your into tropical fish I can help you check out some petshops here in Riyadh there are some good petshops here in the city just PM me and I will be glad to help you out.

Hey Omay,

Thank you so much for replying!!
I recently made a good deal for u used aquarium. I will be glad if you can help with the fishes!
Can you PM me your number!


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