New in Portugal - How to learn the Language / Make Friends / Job

hey guys, how r u doing, wish u r doing well...

im bedo, i just arrived Portugal, coming from china, i was studying in china a master degree in management and engineering, i already graduated and came to Portugal to find a work and as well start a new life with a new experience, i have 3 questions:

1- i cant speak Portuguese, where to find someone to exchange language (English- Portuguese) i mean a language partner
2- any clue how to find a part time job or if any of you can help about it( i have bachelor in civil engineering and master in management) so i can do any work related to business, management, sales, marketing, engineering, etc
3- i want to make new friends, which im very social and since im here in Portugal im feeling lonely and dont have friends(especially i dont speak Portuguese) so any clue how to meetup some English speaking people ?

sorry for my long message
regards :))

Hello and welcome to Abdallaalzoghby :cheers:

To find job, I invite you to create your cv in the Jobs offers in Portugal section of the site.

To find a language partner, create an advert in the Language Exchange field of the Portugal Classifieds section.

Subscribing to the Networking in Portugal section of the site will help you be notified whenever new members are looking for meet people around.

Where are you currently living in Portugal please?


We are recruiting people that can speak: Danish, Swedish, Dutch+French and English.
Please contact me if you are interested in working in the Lisbon district area.
I will provide further information such as job description and location.


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Hi Bedo,

Finding ways to improve your language here is tough. I've had a lot of trouble, because a lot of people speak English, so finding opportunities to practise is quite difficult. Also, much of the online material is in Brazilian, which is really a different language altogether. I used to get a language partner, though some of the people there were a little crazy.

As for the job, I'm really not sure, without a working level of Portuguese, though there are some call centres in the Lisbon area (are you in Lisbon?) who offer short hours contracts. They're called teleperformance and sitel and both often have work in English or other languages.

If you're in Lisbon and are looking for someone to go for a beer or a coffee with, I'd be happy to meet up and show you some cool places. I wrote in my blog at the end of my first year ( ) about how hard it is to make friends at first but, if you persevere, you can really make friends for life here!

Good luck,

Hi, my name is Ramesh , I'm new to Portugal, I'm looking for job,I can speak English and my local Indian languages, , but I wanna learn Portuguese language,  can you help me please.

You could try the free app called: Brainscape and type in portuguese. I use the sets of cards called: portuguese simple past tense. It actually has all the tenses. Also there are schools in Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve that give lessons.
A school in Lisbon that seems very good is: portuguese connection. If you google: learnportugueseinlisbon you will find it.

I've been using Memrise on the computer. It's a good easy app and they incorporate Native Speakers into their program. Seems very intuitive and picks up on your mistakes and goes deeper into helping you over come them. Highly recommend for beginning. And it's European Portuguese.

Duolingo has basic European Portuguese, a good place to start.

Where in Portugal are you based? We are in the Algarve. There are some free apps you can use to learn Portuguese, memrise, tiny cards and duolingo. They are based more around Brazilian Portuguese which is very similar.
We are going to try " Learn Portuguese in your pyjamas "  which uses skype and cost 6.5E/hour

Hope that helps!

Kind regards

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