Decent hair salon in Shanghai?

Hello Everyone, I really need some help! I moved to China just 3 weeks ago and my hair has gone a lovely greeny colour from swimming in a pool.

Can anyone recommend a good hair salon for western hair in Shanghai? Has anyone tried Toni and Guy?
I need some blonde highlights and don't want my hair to fall out ( i'm constantly hearing horror stories!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Hello Becca and welcome to

I invite you to check out professionals recommended in our business directory to find a decent hair salon:

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Green hair is treat with Vitamin C. An anti-oxidant to get green cooper out of the hair. Cooper is put in pool water to control algae and the Chlorine turns it green.  If you were in the USA it would be easy to treat with Malibu 2000 under a dryer for 30 minutes and presto - no more green. I doubt you can get Malibu 2000 in china. Bleach will not get green out, it will only fry the hair when it combines with the cooper.

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