Schools for alternative medicine

We are interested in natural healing, and wonder if Costa Rica has such facilities.
As each country has different herbs, methods, barks, etc., we would like to know more.

Also interested in vegetarian cooking in Costa Rica.

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The schools or rather training that they might have, would be in Spanish. I have not seen any, but they have several alternative medicine doctors in all of the larger towns.  Health food stores and some alternative remedies are quite popular here as of the last few years. Nearly every mall of any size has at least one.  Also, quite a few of the people appreciate vegetarian lifestyles, and it also seems to be catching on it popularity.  So, the market appears to be growing here, but I can't tell you much about the schools. Good luck.

Re vegetarian lifestyle living in CR:  I've been a vegetarian most of my 60 years.  Living in Costa Rica, at least for me, it is difficult, well, next to impossible to find good veggie food... in the area that I live in.

I live over an hour from any larger cities so my selection is limited. If you are closer to the Escazu area you have a lot more choices.   One of the few things that I do miss about the States is the veggie products that you can easily purchase - soy bacon, soy sausage (ohhh, I miss that one), etc., the pre-made type products.  Yes, you can cook with beans, etc., etc., but I like the pre-made stuff.  I'm sure some would consider it "junk food for vegetarians."  But it is of course a much healthier choice than meat products and you're not killing animals in the process.

Price Smart just started stocking Boca Burgers so I was thrilled about that.  When I or my daughter take trips to the States we bring back a bunch of soy products.

As with many things here, you find ways around what you "were" used to and you just compensate with an alternative.

- Expat Dave

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