It's to easy to find job for foreigners

Hi All,

My husband is working for a IT company here in KL under employment pass which is sponsored by his company and I followed him to come here. My husband and myself are Vietnamese. We're both software engineer with above 6 years of experience.

I've been seeking for a job here for 3 months and did not get one yet. However, there's a company offer me working as a third party vendor as they're going out of quota of hiring foreigners. It means I'll work at home and supply them invoice by the end of each month. The payment will transfer to my husband account (Malay account) and we'll do the tax with the government later.

My question is: Is this possible to work like this here in Malaysia? Is there any thing illegal that I don't know. I'd like to be sure before I agree to get this job because I don't want to do anything that makes a bad affect to my husband's job.

Looking forward to your help.

I appreciate.

Hi Coleen Truong,

I invite you to go through the articles found in the Living in Malaysia guide > Work in Malaysia, it might help you with your questions.

I also invite you to go through the topics in the Working in Malaysia forum, you might find some relevant information.




I think should be OK if your contract says that you are working as a freelancer not a contractual employee etc...
Not sure how the income tax will apply in this case.

btw.... for your full-time job search you can try, they are doing good.

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