Buying in phnom penh

Trying to explain why buyin a house for 150!k and then renting out for 500$ a month is bad idea, why can't anyone understand good and bad investment being a Khmer is it status they are looking for ?? Because making money doesn't seem to be the goal , some places high as 200 thousand $ and they rent forc600 $ a month , how can you ever, get your money back , is math different here in Cambodia , are is it status ?

Most of it is status, Take note: We live in a Country (Cambodia) that is VERY materialistic. We judge people of their status here more then other countries that are far richer. (I joked with a friend once that if Bill Gates where to be walking on the streets here in PP in his typical attire people wouldn't think twice about him or even believe that he was worth an astounding 78 billion. Now when I say materialistic I mean; how many phones you have, does your phone # look appealing with all the same digits, what car do you drive and more importantly whats your license plate # if its four of the same digits, you must be of some importance or worth a lot of money.

I am in no way trying to take a dig at the Khmer people, they are very nice and proud people I myself have a very "handsome" phone ##

Just my observation living here for the past 20 years :))


Thank you makes alittle more sense now , just don't get the status thing  , I suggest they read " the millioare next door" excellent book and just this stupid status thing , I'm not a rich guy but I have two hotels in California, I prefer board shorts and t shirts ,my son manages them , one is in manhatten  beach California, I am single , and a good looking lady won't give me the time of day , but oh boy when they find out I'm the owner of the hotel their whole attitude changes , God I hate this but weeds out the women who i I would never date , I quess that's why I'm here alone in Cambodia retired , ha , and still very single walking around riverside with my shorts and t shirts from the central market , ha thanks for explanation , but I too love Cambodia and at 58 I just am resigning to being single .

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