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My wife and I are in the research part of moving to DR from Vancouver BC Canada. We have been there, and will be there in 16 days (porta Plata). I have worked as a painter, driving instructor, excavator operator, pipe layer, parks worker and truck driver ( 20 years for a city). After moving, living, getting all the right paper work and starting to understand the culture what dose the construction industry look like there? I do have a pension but some work would be good as we are in our mid 40's and I think 3 or 4 years from now may be a good time to move there.
Thanks for your in put, and tell it like it is. Lol
Rod and Sheryl

The construction industry is dominated by low cost alternatives.   You will find yourself  competing with  locals on all of this.   

Your niche might we working with expats in doing things 'right" vs getting them done cheaply but this will take some time to work on and implement!

You will need your "paper work" in order to work legally.  Many expats do well working in specialized areas of construction,  Things like plumbing, electrical, wood work and cabinet construction, painting and such.  Still know that the salary is no where near what you are  used to.

As an example we had our pool lights repaired and some replaced recently by an Expat electrician and his labor costs for 6+ hours of work was less than $40.

Bob K

I know I can't get the same wage as here, but I also know the cost of living is lower. I have seen how much 20 bucks can do there.
Doing things right is why I get I trouble at work, lol even here they want to do it cheapy cheapy. Thanks for info.
We are going to be in playa dorata in 15 days for 2 weeks, can you tell us what area to look at for housing, markets and entertainment?

I am going to private message you!

You really should hire a cab for a day or two and tour the area. Visit Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata, Confressi and such. Get out and walk around some. Get a feeling for the places you look at.

All have some good and some not so good housing available.  You need to see for your self.

If you find your self in the Sosua area give me a shout if  you want and I will try and meet with you.

Bob K

I have offered to tour guide them! I love doing that!

Good job!

Bob K

make your money in canada, the average wage here is between 12,000 and 20,000 pesos a month or about $360 to $600 on the high end, canadian, you could by a little business but even then you will be competing with locals, come here to retire, not to make money

Actually average wage is a bit lower that what you are quoting. 

Bob K

you are correct bob, the locals, even police and school teachers dont make alot, less than 10,000 pesos a month, 12,000 to 20,000 pesos is what a gringo can make at a local call center for example, i have had a few jobs here and 12,000 seems to be the starting wage at the places that i have reached out to.
  the point being, the wages are very low here, almost impossible to live on...

Wow some of your info is a bit out of date or location specific.  Gives me a thread idea...... stay tuned.....

Yes we are going to be retired there, but I don't think it would be a bad idea to do a little work on the side. It is, A to meet people B to no just lay on the beach EVERY day lol C I like helping others. I am not thinking it for the money. Lol

In that case, I have a list of things needing doing HAHAHAHAHA.

Seriously it is a good way to get to know people and there are lots of non profits needing a hand etc.

Lots of volunteer opportunities here and your participation would be welcome.  Great way to meet some nice folks

Bob K

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