Looking for work near Tonsberg / Oslo.

I am a 22 year old English girl looking for work in Norway. I have a Norwegian boyfriend, and plan to move to Norway (Tønsberg) at the end of september. I am looking for a job not only to earn a living but also engage myself and do something meaningful.

I am currently a cleaning technician at my local hospital, (Princess Royal Hospital) and have worked consistently as a cleaner the last 8 years. I enjoy this work.
At my current job at the hospital I am used to high standards of cleanliness, it is a must to prevent spreading bacteria and other dangerous viruses.

I do not speak Norwegian yet, but I am in the process of learning. I have picked up some basics of the language after spending time with my boyfriend Eirik and his family and friends. I am a quick learner and I plan to further my understanding of Norwegian by attending Norwegian classes in my free time and hope to increase both my oral and written skills quickly. Being in a working environment is also an important factor for improving my Norwegian knowledge.

I am a joyful girl who always has a smile about. I am also very structured about my work and a perfectionist who also can work both alone and by others.
I believe I can a useful employee at your company and I hope you are willing to give me a chance to prove that. I can start working quite soon if you should desire that.

I am also available by phone and can also talk to you on Skype if you wish.

Many thanks.

Samara Burroughs :)

Hello and welcome on board Samara Burroughs :cheers:

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