Churches similar to a baptist church in Bahrain

Hi everyone.

I'm new to Bahrain and I'm looking for a church. I am a Baptist and I really miss having a church family. I haven't been able to find a church similar to a Baptist yet, does anyone have any suggestions?


perhaps it would be best if you could stipulate what you mean by Baptist. There are vast differences in the way that term is interpreted across the world and many churches here may suit you but might not have the name "Baptist" or affiliate themselves with that denomination officially.

So what are you looking for?

Sorry I should of been more specific. I am a baptist and I'm looking for a full gospel or any affiliation that is close to that. A small, family orientated church would be really nice.

You might find Saar fellowship suits you. Google their webpage for now info.

Thanks you so much. I'll check it out:)

I hope this helps.

Hi Sammy

We are part of a small church in Saar called Rivers of Joy.  We meet on a Friday morning at 09:00 and have quiet a few teachers that join us.  Let me know if you want more info.

Which part of SA are you from?

Hi Ray

Thanks for letting me know. I've started attending Saar fellowship and I'm enjoying it so far.  Your church does look amazing as well. I've looked it up on Facebook

I am from KZN and you?

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