Best advise for Professionals trying to immigrate to Canada


I work as a system engineer in a government organization in Toronto, Ontario. Having been a immigrant myself I know pretty well the experiences we face as landed immigrants.

First of all I must be very clear that Canada is a great country, high living standards, one of the best quality of life for your family in the world. If you are just thinking of making money then Canada is not the place for you probably you should try Qatar, UAE, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, even the US.

If you are planning on having your family live here and a better future for your kids, better quality of life, better health care, education, public services then Canada is one of the best options. It is not perfect of course but for sure it is way better than 96% of the countries in the world I would say.

Investigate if your profession requires more studying , taking exams, accreditation, licensing, etc. this is the case of Physicians, lawyers, psychologists, some engineers, teachers, etc. You must be aware that at least during the first 3 or 4 years you need to get survival jobs to get by and study to get your license to practice in Canada.

In other professions like systems engineer, trade occupations, business people, entrepreneurs, chefs,, programmers, software developers you do not need a license so your experience and qualifications is what matters.

I strongly recommend whoever wants to come to investigate first before making such a important decisions because I have met even doctors, lawyers who are angry about Canada because they cannot work as they had expected and start bitching about Canada doing menials jobs.

Also if you want to come as a tourist but in reality you just want to work and make some money and come back this is not the place where you are going to get your dreams come true. If you are a professional you are better off applying as a permanent resident from your country.

I hope this clarifies some doubts and if I can be of help just drop me a message using this web site.



I am a young professional - I currently work in product management (I graduated with a Business degree). My boyfriend lives in Vancouver and after many visits I have fallen in love with the city, the diverse culture, etc. After consideration, I desperately am ready to move.

However, I am a bit overwhelmed and am not sure how to best do this. I see there are various work visas - are some preferred over others? How long does one typically need to wait? I've tried searching online and it is frustrating that I don't get some of the answers I'm looking for.

Hello Boris
Thanks for such a valuable advise. You have sum up the whole thing in short .I  am from India and had applied for PR and currently in express entry pool.But my CRS is too low , so the only hope I got is job offer from Canadian employer. Lets hope for the best.. thanks again


I would say permanent resident is the best. It took me 8 months to get it. I do not know current waiting times.  the best way is to go to the official Canada immigration Web page.

Good luck

Thank you! Were you able to live in Canada for part of that time period while you waited to get PR?

No. I was all the time back home.

Boris Boris you make it unrealistic for others your view is a  limited  tunnel vision . I lived 35 years have a business building houses and came here with 150$. Canada is the best place who cannot live in their country. However if they did good in their country of origin they will not succeed here

Sorry, I really do not understand your point of view. Can you elaborate more on that please?

your view about Canada is your own. you have no substance in what you believe .

Hello Abbas:

I strongly believe that this forum item is to share experiences and be proactive. If you do not agree with something you should explain the arguments of your position and being against something without support is not a wise assessment of the issue. Anyway you are entitled to your opinion but i do not have time to waste any further with such comments. Good luck !!

Boris, I read your views about Canada and I totally agree with you. I have applied for immigration through the Express Entry and currently in the pool but my score is just below 400, so my chance is to either get a job offer or by provincial nomination. I studied Electrical/computer in first degree and MBA in master's, how can you assist in respect to this, can you recommend me for a job . Thanks


Thanks for sharing your opinion. Its something I would advice others as well. As for the nymph in this thread, I wouldn't even bother replying.

One thing that I would add though is that, folks should consider other places to live rather than the usual major cities. Albeit of course if there are job opportunities for you and your family in other smaller sized cities. The positives for picking those smaller cities are:
1) Lower cost of home ownership
2) Higher quality of life - e.g. shorter work commute / shorter work week e.g. 37.5 hrs per week as oppose to 40 in larger cities (for private companies that is)
3) More quiet living lifestyle

Of course smaller cities are not for everyone but just wanted to point out that those options are there. The cities that you can consider apart from Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver are:
Winnipeg, Halifax, Quebec City (if you know French), Edmonton...

Thanks for your suggestions. Interesting advise !!

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