Is it possible to immigrate to Botswana

I think I will just cut to the chase. I am a born South African but been living in Europe for 15 years. What I want to know is how hard it will be to be come legal in Botswana. Have some money to invest and start some venture. Have been working mostly in hotel and catering industry. So would set up something like restaurant or catering. Would or is there a lot of red tape??? If so please advice.

Thank you in advance,

Yes it is possible.
As an investor you can get the necessary paperwork in place to allow operations/work/running your business/etc.
I would guess minimum USD 50k and a number of potential employees as well as some support for charities could pave the way.
If you buy into a business you might want to be re-assured that you get a director status and the business has a sound business plan.

On second thought,
Seeing where you are coming from, I could think I would be interested in discussing the option directly.
We are planning to build and operate a lodge type of arrangement in the North of Botswana based on time share for short and mid term accommodation based on partnership agreements.

Might be an option to tap into your field of expertise as well.

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