Moving to Melbourne

I recently accepted a job in Melbourne with a private hospital. They are organising my visa (457) through a law firm so that should come through handy enough. I guess at this stage I will be moving in 2-3 months (hopefuly) so I was looking for some advice on a few things.

Where would you recommend I live? A bit of background. I am a 31 year old single male. I have been living in London for the past 3 years. I will be based between St Vincents Hospital in the city and Frankston which is 40km or so south. I initially thought about St Kilda/Elwood because I wanted to be close to the beach but I heard the beach around the bay isn't great. Is this true? It would also be difficult to commute to Frankston without having a car. I might get a car after a while though. So then I read a good bit about Richmond and I liked the sound of it. I am looking for somewhere that has a lot going on (bars/restaurants). I only know one person in Melbourne so I will want to get out and meet new people but also handy enough to get to work (<45mins would be ideal) and good public transport links.

Would people recommend moving into a house share or living on my own? A house share is a good way to meet new people I know but it's always a lottery. The hospital said they will pay for the first couple of weeks accommodation while I search for a permanent place. Is there anywhere nice to spend the first couple of weeks? Also my salary will be around AUD124K so what would be the right amount to spend on rent? I know its relative to what I want etc. but any rough idea would be good.

What agency have people used to move stuff to Australia? The hospital said they would pay and I don't have that much. I don't think I will be bringing much apart from clothes and golf clubs. Maybe a tv and a hi fi.

Weird question but as I will be probably be flying home once a year or two is it more advantageous to fly with the same airline or airline alliances? Rather than always looking for the cheapest flights is it better to build up air miles with someone and avail of perks like free upgrades etc? The hospital also said they would pay for my flights over.

Is there much truth to the rumour that Australians are very reluctant to integrate new people into their friendship groups? As I said I will only know one person living over there.

I know there's a lot in this but any advice/help would be great.



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