Am I Eligible for Gratuity pay for ending 2 years contract?

Hi! I just want to ask if I am eligible for gratuity pay for ending a 2 years of contract? Thanks!

By Article 39 of Labour Law of Oman, gratuity is payable once duration of service is over by 1 year. However, the Employers has the right to refuse for payment of gratuity on the grounds mentioned in Article 40.

Yes you should get paid if you need any help contact me xxx

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I work for 1 and 7mons but never been paid

you can submit complaint online through manpower ministry … plaintList

Its okay I complaint even I came home without finishing my contract.
I got sick so I decided to travel back at the philippines.
I just arrive last july 25, 2016.
My employer just gave me my july salary.

What to do pls. Advice

you left oman you cant request anything now

Okay.that's all...

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