Guide me - How to get a Police Clearance?

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I have a very important question, can you help/guide me on how to get a vietnam police clearance?


Hello Erineri and welcome to :cheers:

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Hi Erineri,

May I know what kind of police clearance you're looking for
And for which purpose?

With that information, I/someone may be able to tell you what we know.

Hi Erin,
Is it the crime check to certify that during your stay in Vietnam, u don’t commit any crime?
If it is, pls go to department of Justice, located at 141-143 Pasteur, Ho chi Minh ( if you are in HN, pls google for its location. somewhere in Tran phu, Ha Dong). Before you go there, you should prepare:
•    A copy of Your passport and visa: I think all pages (passport) in this case cause they may check the duration you stay in Vietnam
•    A registration form with local police station where you are living ( this is normally done by your landlord). Or while you are renting an apartment/house, the landlord register with the police station and give you a book. You should copy it. ( kindly note that this kind of paper need a round- red stamp from police station, without this red stamp, it is invalid). I see some places provide with the blue rectangle stamp, it is invalid. So always ask for signature with red stamp.
•    I don’t remember if you need photos ( passport size) so just in case, bring at least 4.
•    Remember to bring these Duplicated copies together with original ones for them to compare/check. When u get there, they will give you a form to fill in ( don’t remember the number of the form). Then they return your original ones to you with a receipt to set a date for result. After 2 weeks you shall come back to receive the result. The cost is about 200  Thousand VND.
hope this will help

Does it have to be done in HCMC? or can be done in provincial capitals too?

it can be done in your province where u used to live/are living. i need to know what it is for then i will know what to advise you better

extending from what Leigh has advised you, a version of the form can be found here: … al-Records

make sure you only fill out the vietnamese version.

don't wear shorts when you enter government buildings. ripped pants and damaged shirts with thongs is ok though ;)

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