Heading to Ireland from South Africa

Hi there

My family and I are hoping to move to Ireland in January. My three children and I are british citizens. My husband is a South African Citizen.

We are looking at vacancies from this side but obviously won't be able to secure a position until we arrive in Ireland. However where we base ourselves depends on job opportunities and cost of rentals.

Does anyone, having done this, have any advice? It would be genuinely appreciated!



What type of jobs are you looking for and do you have accommodation? I assume you guys are heading to Dublin. It's difficult to answer your . Maybe make a list of what you want us to help you with. I moved to Ireland with a job and accommodation already arranged for me with an agency. The rest I figured out once I got here.

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Please advise job placement agencies in ireland, thank you.

Hi Sanbo

I currently in Sales/ Key Account Management within the steel, engineering and mining sector. My husband is in the home improvement industry.

I have contacted a few agencies via email. One has responded however she stated I could only apply once I land in Ireland.

The problem is my knowledge of Ireland is limited although I have done research on the Internet.  I main city I know is Dublin, and thereafter Cork?  But with regards to renting accommodation  I would first need to see where my chances are better at finding a position. I would assume living near a city would be more costly in terms of renting? Would I be right in this assumption?

And could you possibly guide me to agencies that may be of help? To be quite honest with regards to working I would consider any positions within my capability. Ie I'm not fussy...just need to get by and get through the first few months

Thanks again


Hi Joni

Accounting jobs should not be a problem for you. My husband works in finance/accounting and I just checked out jobs for him and noticed how many vacancies there are. Yes, you are right about renting being high in Dublin especially. It's through the roof as there is a great demand for rental in Dublin and commuter locations. We live in wicklowtown, an hour into Dublin plus minus given traffic. Cost of rentals are slightly cheaper but then you are looking at commuting cost. Car you will need. Public transport is not frequent and unreliable. I am not sure what rentals for a family of 5 be like in Dublin but for getting set up its your best option short term, once you are settled you can look for cheaper options. and my are 2 rental sites. Most popular.  If you are arriving in January you will need a good bit of cash for a start as you will require double the rent initially. I am guessing but for a family of 5 you might be looking at at least 2500 to 3000 euros to set yourself up initially. I know a colleague renting an apartment 2 beds at 1300 euros  That excludes bills. She is in sandy ford. North Dublin could be your cheapest options, if you are not to fussy for the first year. Not sure that your husband will be able to work right away. You probably have checked that out already.


Sorry norbe. Not sure if you meant jobs websites? Or agency like I had. I arrived to Ireland 14 and a half years ago. Things have changed over the years and agents don't bring you over unless it's a job that can't be filled locally or eu citizens get first preference.
Non- eu citizens needs to get a greencard which the company who hires them have to apply for, they can't do that on their own. Most companies/ uk as well ask if you have eu status. They are not interested if you need visas etc. I could be wrong but check the job websites for yourself.

Can anyone advise me, I'm a south african and would like to register a security company and cleaning where to go about, thank you.

as regards studying the availability of rentals and the cost, I recommend as a good website, easy to use, and it will give you a great insight as to what & where & how much.

Coming from South Africa, you'll have a small wee change in the weather.  But I imagine you'll be glad to leave the tensions there behind.

Good luck. Keep on truckin'.


Hi joni

I just had a look at rental on daft but it just shows how long ago i rented. The properties are very expensively. I orinigally stated that you needed between 2,500 and 3000 euros to start you up but given the cost of rental in and around dublin it looks like you are going to have to rob the bank for rental here. YOU are looking at anything between 2,500+ and you need double that in the first month and that will only get you a 2 bedroom house if you find one close to work. If you find a job you will need a salary of 4 000 euros a month just to cover rent and food. As I mentioned to you living outside dublin is slighly cheaper but not as cheap as one would like to believe. Most people around where we are own 2 vehicles and thats just for travelling to work etc. Maybe cork and galway might be a little less expensive but I have never lived there. I hope you find a suitable place. OFcourse the obvious question is why dublin and not the uk, since there are more jobs going in the uk and I am sure you husband could find a job there right away.

Francis meyerick thank you so much 😄

Hi Sanbo

Thanks so much for your advice. As I mentioned initially, I wasn't sure of which areas to focus on as I don't really have a lot of knowledge on the country. I have been looking for jobs throughout Ireland. Just to get a feel for the areas I should be looking at. Corks surrounding areas seem to have a lot of houses available to rent for an average of €1000 for 3 and 4 bedrooms.

Sorry for the confusion when I said Key Accounts Manager it's in the Sales field.

With regards to "why Ireland" Dating from my Grandparents, all generations of my family originated from Ireland so I have always been keen to relocate to my roots. With regards to my husband, ironically, with him being a South African Citizen he requires no visa to enter Ireland. And after contacting the embassy here and the department of justice in Ireland he would be able to work straight away. To get to UK he would require a spousal Visa which only allows him to stay in the UK for 2.5 years. The process costs R100K and it's not guaranteed.  Should he be granted the visa after 2.5 years he needs to apply for another 2.5 years...again not guaranteed.

Thanks again for your assistance

Hi  Sanbo

With the knowledge you have can you help me with nursing jobs in Ireland and how do I apply as I'm a South African .your response will highly appreciated

Hi I just saw yesterday, the mater misericordia , not sure how to spell but if you google the mater hospital in dublin, you can get an email adress to enquire about a job.
Have a look
All the best

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