Marsaskala for family with young child

Hello world! :)

My name is Lucy- nice to meet you everybody!

Me, my husband and our 3,5 yr old son are moving to Maraskala soon.

1.Can you tell me please, if I can find any school for my son  teaching in English?
2. Where is the best area in this town to  live in (close to shop, school, bus stop, possibly playground, relatively new area)

Thank you all in advance for all responses and advices.

All schools in Malta teach in both Maltese and English at the same time. Unless you go private.

Yes, I was thinking about private

We moved to Marsaskala last month with our 9 and 2 year olds and so far so good.

Our daughter will start the state school at the end of the month and have been told by pupils already there that (and their parents) that the school uses both English and maltese to teach the lessons.  I was also told this when I registered her at the school.

There looks like there is lots of lovely places to live in the area I can't be a lot of help on that as we are still finding our feet ourselves.

Thank you very Much!

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