Common Project in Hungary

I'll be looking to invest in a business anywhere in Hungary. All ideas are welcome, few will be accepted. That is what I do but not limited to.

I have money, time, and energy. Let'see where that goes!

So, basically a shotgun investor, without any special skills in any industry, wanting to invest in Hungary.

One problem: Shotgun investments in Hungary were not uncommon at one point in time here, but are mostly in the past now. Rarely work out well today.

you should make an indiegogo Hungarian style...

All my friends tell me it is totally the wrong place to do this but I am no expert and have no experience but everyone I know has said the same.
The Internet is a brilliant way of looking out for gaps and recent trends

anns :

The Internet is a brilliant way of looking out for gaps and recent trends

As an entrepreneur for almost two decades I can attest that the Internet in an important tool. But it is still just a tool. Like a hammer or a saw are tools to build a house. Both are important, almost essential, but there is far, far more to building a house than just a hammer and a saw.

And I can add to that once the Internet was a source of information, but it is slowly becoming more a source of misinformation, confusing information and simple disinformation. Which I see as a growing problem for business (and society in general).

And why old musings are starting to be more and more true each day.

“Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

― Benjamin Franklin

And add to that, since information is shared over the Internet so easily, others may simply then copy your idea without any moral or ethical care about that, and undercut all your work: … an-2016-10

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