When should I leave Malaysia after my employment?

So on my Visa page it is written as " Good for any number of journeys to Malaysia until 6 OCT 2016 provided this passport remain valid ". Does it means I have to go back to my country and leave Malaysia before 6 Oct ?

Your visa expires on 6 October, so you should leave the country. But you can return afterwards on new social visa. It would be best that you're out of the country on 6 October.

I booked a ticket at 4th Oct and is it possible for me to come in again within 2 days after I leave Malaysia?

I'd wait a little longer, but remember that you'll have to get a new visa and depending on your situation there could be a cooling off period before applying for a new work permit.

Lovely...thank you so much the information. Anyway I'll be back as Tourist Visa while waiting for others company interview.

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