Looking for info on a few areas in Cambodia

Hi everyone,

I'm not so familiar with the public transport system of Cambodia yet. Can anyone help me find out what sort of public transportation are available in the following areas and what would be the best mode of transportation is for eace area:

-Toul Kork/Tuol Kouk
-Beoung Keng Kang
-Soul Tum Poung
-Tonle Bassac
-Daun Penh
-Pear Douem Thkov
-Wat Phnom
-Chroy Chongvar

Tuk Tuk , is safest , you will never have a problem finiding one , never , and if your brave enough moto , is what I use , both cheap and readily available, you will be assaulted by people offering you rides  so , this is the easiest thing about phnom penh or anywhere in Cambodia , transportation, don't give it another thought , once you walk out your door where ever you are everybody , will say  Tuk Tuk sir , or moto sir , 5 kilometers about 3$ for Tuk Tuk 2$ for moto , always , and I mean always decide on price before you get in , most of these drivers are nice and friendly , but not all know there way around city so have a specific name , or phone number , street number etc , but finding transportation in Phnom Penh will never be your problem, I won't even wish you good luck on this one you will have 100 choices , moto is how I go , but I'm single it can be hairy ride sometimes ha , but you will see don't give this another thought!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easiest thing about Cambodia is availability of transportation ,

Last bit of advice negotiate , price , I get a ride on moto every day from central market to riverside night market area for  two $ on moto , 3 bucks if I have a lot of bags on Tuk Tuk , if they say no walk away with a polite smile they will chase you down and agree , or 100 others will agree , biggest problem for poor Tuk Tuk drivers and moto drivers is there is too many , this is good for us bad for them transportation is dirt cheap in Cambodia , at night I would suggest a Tuk Tuk especially if you a bar guy , I'm in at night but bag snatching can happen 99% at night and 99% while your on a moto , keep bag between your legs on Tuk Tuk at night although I have lived in Phnom Penh  six months never had one problem , not one

There are even metered tuktuks in PP, safe and cheap. No matter how long the ride because of traffic, you pay per km.

Not to bore you but airport is alittle farther into riverside area , I go outside gate to airport where there is a line of motos , and Tuk Tuks 7$ for Tuk Tuk maybe 9$ to riverside 4-6$ for moto from airport to riverside

Yes jo , I have heard they are even cheaper as they charge by distance not time like in the , " home of the brave , land of the free" I have yet to try one as I have my own favirote Tuk Tuk guy and moto guy , both have young children so I just go with them

Yes ho plan on visiting your area next trip could not buy you a beer ? I feel I owe you one because of all the great information I've gotten free from you!

1. I, like you, always try to establish a good contact with reliable tuktuk or motodop drivers. There are plenty of responsible family fathers that try to earn their living without scamming you. Difference is when you are a resident or a tourist, tourist are targeted for overpricing, residents not.

2. Thanks for the offer. Won't be beer as I don't drink (anymore) but it's the friendly gesture that counts. So yes, let me know when you're heading to Sihanoukville, we can meet up, would be nice.

Concerning public transportation; there are only 3 bus routs in PP:

ROUTE 01:  Services all of Monivong Ave (from one end of the city to the other)

ROUTE 02:  Serves Mao Tse Sung Blvd (along with routes on National Blvd; near the French Embassy.

ROUTE 03:  Services from the night market (in essence; Kompuchea Krom Blvd through Russian Federation Blvd (where the airport is located).

The following website can also answer many of your questions:

Thanks everyone! Your help is very much appreciated! :) And it's nice to see you guys have formed bonds here as well as  community :)

Hi, will be arriving Phnom Penh mid Aug and looking to take the train from here to Sihanoukville, have any of you taken the train as I would appreciate some informed advice before I book.

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haha, same Qs as me.

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