Do i have to stop my Immigration to Australia??

Actually I will go throw the Immigration soon i started to see the news to see that Muslims are not accepted in Australian community i will not bring my family and children to live in community where they are rejected or hated because of there religion, so i decided to come and ask here every one Muslim or non Muslim is what news brings are true????
Am I as Muslim hard to live there specially that I'm thinking to live in Melbourne, Victoria

please give my all your opinions !!!

Firstly there are some grammer mistakes with your English in a few places, I only mention this as jobs are getting very difficult to find in Aus and anyone with incorrect English is going to find this hard, no job = no income.

I would not advise taking your family out there straight away, moving to any country is difficult and its always much easier if someone goes ahead and sorts out accommodation, drs, paper work, transport. etc. etc.

As for being Muslim I think you will find most countries in the world are sick of the terrorists attacks which prey on the innocent by insane Muslims.  There is a trend to not accept Muslims into your life now as you never know who is genuine and who is a terrorist.  You will find this same situation any where outside a Muslim country and it is not specific to Aus.  To say you will never find someone who is prejudice is wrong, you will get it everywhere you go.  If you feel you need to go and preach about how great it is to be a Muslim then it wont be welcome anywhere.  No-one can say who you will meet  or what you will encounter, just dont expect people to welcome you with open arms as they have their own troubles, unemployment is rising so its difficult everywhere.

1st thanks for pointing on my language mistakes.
then i were googling Aus, Canada & New Zealand as options for me and i found that Aus the most loud news in the matter of Muslims and non Muslims i even saw a video of Muslim i think they don't even understand Islam speech full of hate from both sides which i didn't find searching Canada or New Zealand

what i'm looking for someone who lives in there can give us clear image about it.

thank you again for your concern.

Not knowing what country you are from, I agree upto a point with Googly2 and would advise:

1. Check what you have to do to visit first.  How difficult and expensive to get tourist or work related visa?  That way you can come and see various cities for yourself.  It is definitely not cheap or easy to live in some major cities.

2. What job you do and are qualifications compatible -  is job in demand in Australia (check job search sites and see if financially viable as family to move).

3. Australia has always had its issues with various religions, cultures, racism etc. but there are many that "live and let live in peace" as long as there is no extreme attitudes or behaviour etc.
Lifestyle will definitely not be the way it is where ever you are will be tough to start anywhere but there are positives and negatives depending on your attitude and beliefs.... best not come with high expectations.

As you know there can be a huge difference between living peacefully and sunnah way (as
opposed to the negative cultural influences and practices) and of course Daeish has put fear into many many citizens.
Those that do not know the difference link all terrorist based activities to Islam and that does not help but if as a society everyone works together to share what real Islam is without going overboard (see Googly2 comment), those that are open minded will understand, others will find hate no matter what is said so let it go.

The extreme/strong views or practices that some accept as 'normal' in some countries is definitely not going to be accepted here.
One must live by the laws of the country they choose to live in so dont break the law (or have the will to follow right path and push for change if better for all citizens) otherwise please do not come.
People who have come on visas and overstay etc. are being sent back. The govt has no tolerance for this behaviour or excuses.

Having said all of the above, I have been most fortunate to have lived and grown up here (was odd deal with it at time and get on with life. Cant do anything about people with issues). 
BUT 35 years later its most frustrating when government starts to fail its law abiding citizens (by making law or policy changes) to the point that its own citizens have no choice but to leave Australia as a result of marrying a non-citizen on visa etc.
This Govt does not understand financial hardship, emotional hardship, psychological stresses etc.  They keep changing visa processes to make harder  (but happy to keep earning revenue from struggling individuals and/or families) until no other option left but leave as trying to keep family together.

For this reason I have been watching Canada for over a year. It has been more welcoming and accomodating but this too may change in years to come. It all depends on the attitude of the refugees, migrants, and ones own family ethics and values as well as the overall community and country).

Do your research, think long and hard ... difficult no matter where you go but your attitude will have alot to do with choice.

Ozi2 thanks for your replay , i understand what mean and believe it or not we don't know what comes in news about Daesh is not represent Islam anyhow and if you read about Islamic values in peace and in war you would know it's relegion of honor ... they keep miss explaining our religion and give the world what opposite of islam as if it's islam ... but as much i believe in islam as much i know your country values are not so far of Islam some of the low are not Islamic but that's it's ok at the end your country does not follow any religion low so Muslims can live with it

What i a fraid of extremist of both sides Muslims and non Muslims as i want to keep my family safe away of racism and away of extremist's

and yeah the amount of money i will be paying isn't something i would throw the dice with and see if i like it or not that what makes me searching and asking

i planning to resettle in Melbourne so i told it's quite peaceful place i would give my family the safty and fine liveing in

at the end I'm not leaveing my country to declare war or to stand against the country i'm going to or i wouldn't come to it in the first place

by the way sorry for my bad English as i still working on it and thank you for replying again

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