visa prosess

Hi  i have send agreement sign to my kuwait base company on may 09.2016. And i didint got my visa yet now. Tha company is telling that they have some probleam in ministary or kuwait. And today i got the mail that they had aaply to my visa in ministary. So i want to know frim today hoe many days it ill take. To visa

Unfortunately that is million dollar question that no one can answer for you.

Normally how many day. One mounth 2 mounth.

There is no normal here. :) In ideal conditions it could take a month or so. It took 10 months for me.

Hmmm ok thank you

Sorry but as other said, there is no fixed waiting time. In my case, I waited for 4 months!

I've been "playing the game" for six months.

My employers finally brought in the HR person that we needed to get all the ducks in a row.

From this point, I think a max of two months, one month to get the documents legal - Kuwait style (which is so different from other GCC countries) to having the papers in hand and Civil ID in process.

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