Teaching with a criminal record

Hi, I'm hoping to teach in Vietnam next year after i finish my hons degree. The problem is in 1997 i got a conviction for unlawful drug possession which resulted in a 100 euro fine. This has turned up in vetting for social care work i did here in Ireland. It is a spent conviction but will turn up in Visa applications. I've read that to get a work permit in Vietnam you must provide a police certificate.
I suppose what id like to know is if there is a threshold involving past behavior. It seems harsh that a teenage misdemeanor would end my hopes, but I was hoping that someone here could shed some light on it. I'd be grateful for any help.

Not sure how it works in Ireland, but when applying for a criminal record in Australia it only deals with federal offences. In other words, any offence done at a local level never showed up, as they were minor offences. Will it be the same with your criminal check, it's best to contact the agency that provides that information.

I've worked at some schools here, that from what I could tell, seemed to almost exclusively only hire those with criminal records, + ex cons. Admittedly, I don't know that was their policy for a fact, I'm just going on the content of the teacher's room + some of the nights out we had. Obviously, there was at least one, notable exception, to my supposition....................but I can't remember his name????
Criminal teachers I'm not so sure about, but there's certainly some criminal teaching going on, of that I've no doubt whatsoever.
I hope I've been some help to you, I will just add that, personally, I don't believe drug-crazed hippies have a place in the classroom, except, maybe, at the back, by an open window..............
Just say, "No!", kids.

Why don't you pull a record check for yourself and see what it says?  Don't know about Ireland, but in most US jurisdictions offenses by minors don't really go away but are not shown on reports.   You may be OK anyway.

Thanks guys. I contacted an agency who said it would be ok with them but their not sure about the government. I think as it is a misdemeanor from way back it'll be ok.

When i looked into it, u needed to check with ur local gardai.

seeing as im a plastic paddy from the north   6 counties - thats not much use

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