Islamic secondary for girls

Hi I am Salim al Nahdi from arusha Tanzania I am looking for Islamic secondary for girls for my doughter 13 years old must be boarding pls any one can help me

Hi, you can try light academy girls in Kilimani

Also mahad girls training institute this one has boarding option

Assalaam Aleikum  sister.

Do you want the local education system or would you want the IGCSE British system school.


Usiniharakishe mentioned Light Academy (British system).  Nairobi Muslim Academy in South C recommended. Has boarding 8-4-4 local system

Salaam aleykum Omar I am looking for for Islamic Sunni secondary school kenya syllabus  must be boarding for girls thanks

Salam aleykum can you send me their email and contact for Nairobi Muslim academy thanks

Hi usiniharakishe thanks a lot help me if possible to get their email and contact for Nairobi Islamic academy  please thanks

Trying to get you Nairobi Muslim Academy No.  They are next to Masjid Noor South C.  You can't miss it and most cab drivers can direct you

It's Sunni.

Contacts for Nairobi Muslim Academy/ 0721753745  that's the principals number.  Name Fatma

Shukran Omar jazak Allah kheir

Most welcome!

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