Newbie to Mexico

Hello Everyone!
We're a young Canadian family that planned to live in Belize for 6 mos to a year.  We're not of means but of initiative so we drove down. There were some considerable confusions with realtors and arrangements so many of the locals recommended Mexico.  We drove back up through Chetumal yesterday and aiming at places in Mexico.  We love the weather on the peninsula, the caribbean air, and the people in Mexico seem absolutely cheerful and friendly so any recommendations or insights about where on the Peninsula, and/or how to's from lessons, would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to connecting!

You need a resident Visa to stay long term.   There are financial qualifications.  Application only done in your home country.

Other option is cross the border every 180 days and remain a Tourist

I would take a breath and look around, you are in a nice city. Spend some time there. You could easily spend 180 days on a tourist visa, crossing back into Belize to renew it and then back into Mexico.

You really don't know what you need to know until you have more time to look around. Look at past posts to get an idea of what Mexico is like. After a little while come back and ask those questions.

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