Trying to meet new people in KL: You'd never guess what happened next!

Aight folks, now that we both know you're a buzzfeed fan ( no shame. really!)

Kinda new to KL and trying to meet some new people.  Lets just say, a banker who's looking to munch some cookies and sip a beer as am so damn tired with numbers at work!

If you're trying to meet someone who's into reading, travelling and running -  go ahead and leave a message

I am not sure that this kind of post is suitable in the open Forum as it's not a dating site, but if you are new to KL and looking to meet people for a beer and friendship, then I suggest visit the Beach Club Cafe or the Thai Club on Jalan P. Ramlee where you can probably find both beer and friendship.

Hey I have the same interest as you are but very difficult to meet guys with my interest.  :)

Hi Shomala

You should try Solaris, KL...few nice gigs there .

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