Russian language club in Bangkok

First ever Russian language club in Bangkok is open now!
A place to learn and communicate in Russian. Our members include Russian natives as well as mixed families.
- Want to read Pushkin and Tolstoy in original?
- Need to brush up on your speaking skills?
- Want your children to speak Russian and have Russian friends?
All welcome to join the club!
Our website Russian language Club in Bangkok - all in Russian, of course :)
Ask questions - [email=info[at]]your English guide about Russian language club in Bangkok[/email] or call 0858906123 (Sasha) for more info in English.

In fact, Dom Druzei (The House of Friends) has made its successful start as a community center taking care of learning and communication needs of children of Russian/mixed descent. We teach our kids (who attend international schools here in BKK) to read and write in Russian, while providing them with an enjoyable place to meet new friends and communicate in Russian.
Now we expand our services to teach Russian as a second language to foreign adults. Morning and afternoon sessions (before 4 pm) are available. We utilize a syllable-based approach which enables you to start reading in Russian after your first session! Welcome to learn Russian as easily as kids do :)
Besides, we host a collection of books, audio CDs, DVDs featuring both Russian classics and best modern samples. We also hold monthly club events for our members.
Welcome to The House of Friends!

Does this cub exist?I need to teach my boy russian language. Please reply,


Hi Elena! You should view our Bangkok classifieds > classes section and post an ad there as well. It might help you... :)

Good luck

Oh Do you have a class for new beginner?

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