Foods You Love - Help Me Find.....

Hi All!

I'm thinking this might be a cool thread - posting which foods you love, but can't seem to find/want recommendations on the best places to get them.

For example: I love spicy wings. But I haven't been able to find a place to get them in Puerto Plata where they're really good (if I can find them at all.... which I cant haha). Anyone have any tips?

What are you all looking for?

its a good idea for a thread.  I cannot help you with the spicy wings.  Dominican cuisine is usually  not spicy.....

For me, just chocolate. Its pretty much all I ever crave.. and I know where to get it....

For me:
Good lamb chops
real sweet potatoes
Spicy clue for good ones

Bob k

Sometimes they have real sweet potatoes in La Sirena Bob!!!

Yes but usually only around Xmas time.  Last time they had them I bought just about all that were displayed.

I have even planted some with mixed results.


No 2 weeks ago Bob, I was shocked and of course bought some. I will let you know when I see them again.

Oh, and expensive hahahahahah

Yes very expensive but when it comes to sweet potatoes anything goes :D

I have been out of town for a couple of months but will be veggie shopping tomorrow and will look

Bob K

At la sirena they are in the veggie bins almost in front of the fresh seafood! Last week there were none! Good luck.

Actually going to Pola today and there is where I found them last time

Bob K

Hi all

Anyone know of a place to buy fresh seafood "off the boat"? I have found plenty of great seafood at restaurants, but love to cook it ourselves. I have tried some of the frozen, which isn't bad, but would love to find fresh. Thanks

Chicken wings- had some good ones, granted they were small, in Cabarete. Will try and remember which place and let you know.

Sorry... looking to buy fresh seafood in Sosua..

Head to the beach in the early AM and you will find them unloading the boats.

Bob K

Ok great! Thanks I will try that

Good luck.  I saw some good looking fish coming into town today

Bob K

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