We have a flat. What's next? Register now or later?

We are a couple from UK just moved to Antwerp. We have a flat but no jobs yet.

Do we need to register now or wait until we have jobs?

We keep finding contradicting articles on the subject and just want to know if anyone's knows the answer in black and white.


Hi, I suggest you go to the city hall of Antwerp right away and register as residents. From there you can inquire if you need work permits to take a job. It is best to get the info right from the horse's mouth.

If you are British citizens, you do not need a work permit. You really should do what the rules say, if you wish to exercise your treaty rights, go and register yourselves, you'll be given 3 months to actually exercise your rights by studying, working, investing, being self sufficient. If after 3 months, you don't have jobs, well as Brit cits, you'll just get a notification you are not registered. No-one with EU nationality is removed forcibly unless they are a threat to public good, basically if you have a criminal record, or are terrorists, that sort of undesirable person.  It will actually be in your own interests to register. If you've worked immediately before leaving the UK, you should have brought with you form S1 to register with a health insurer and get immediate coverage too.

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