Help me and my family to immigrate to Switzerland for work and life

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17 years in the company I work the sugarcane industry .
My monthly wage is $ 560 , the money for me , my wife and my daughter is very low .
I am very concerned for the future of his wife and daughter .
I work for 11 hours per day , at night, I am also a taxi driver , but still my salary is low.
I want to provide them with a good life , I work there .


Unfortunately, it's impossible to immigrate in Europe without big qualifications. There is no sugercane in Europe.

You're going tell me that you can take any job, but, there is a lot of unemployment in Europe and no-qualificated jobs are already taken by Europeans or immigrants already on place (legally or not).

About Switzerland, the country is very expensive, so impossible with a little salary to live for three, and, anyway, closes his job market, even to Europeans, except in some areas, but it's totally closed for non-Europeans

But, as I told you, it's impossible without graduation or rare skill to move in Europe. And even for a non-qualificated worker, it's very hard, because, the salary is low and with a family it's impossible to live, because there are a lot of things and taxes to pay, which are  expensive too, and his salary can not be enough for food, etc...

Not believe that Europe is an Eldorado and easy to reach... We can see all migrants in little boats, saved in Egee or Mediterranee sea...

Of course, your life is hard but don't think is better and easier somewhere else...

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thanks for your answer

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