looking for a call center company

Hi guys.. I am looking for a call center company. I speak english and I have good communication skills. can someone help me find company there in panama? gracias..

They do not hire Americans here.  My husband is completely bilingual and has teaching experience.  He could not get hired even as an English teacher.  The law requires they hire 10 Panamanians for every foreigner (work product output is the same.).  They were offering less than $450 a month and he would have to pay for his own work permit which costs $500.  They took a less qualified Panamanian instead.  And students here all complain that their teachers are no good.  Start your own business no one will hire you here.

@Annj Herrera
it's true what Tough1sweet1 has posted
the pay is so low and the cost of living is very high for locals
try chile or belize

Agreed with all of the responses.

Hi thank you for the reply. I have seen a lot of Call center companies there, I hope I can try one of them. I really want to go there because of my partner. She has her own house there, and she told me that she can maintain me, but of course, I still want to have my own money to send to my Mom here in the Philippines.

Hi! Thank you for the reply. By the way, I'm from Philippines. And I have girlfriend there in Panama that's why I want to go there and have a job.

I came here because of my fiance John and it was by far the biggest mistake of my life and one from which I will never recover.  Just don't do it.  I lost over $175,000 anda lot of people have lost more.  It is a third world country with first world prices.  Frequent shortages and outages in water electric and internet..  We are desperate to return to the U.S. but its nearly impossible to sell.  Everything and everybody is for sale. Very difficult the whole country is for sale.  And aside from the Panama Papers, perhaps one ofthe top 5 most corrupt countries in the world.

If you are both young  join a cruise ship and see the world together.  Try and get some experience in selling jewelry.  Its one of the easiest jobs on the shops.

Thank you for the advice..I really appreciate it.

Glad to help someone to not make a big mistake.  You would make much better money teaching English in Japan and it would be much closer to home!  There used to be a lot of demand for that in Japan.

First you need to get residency and a work permit.  It is possible to do contract work here and there if you have a particular needed skill or experience.  I have done that for two or three months at a time.

Thank you for your reply  :)

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