International Ponytail Day

I just learned that International Ponytail Day is July 7th.  I think every day should be Ponytail Day.

Here are my Top Ten Reasons Why Beautiful Women Should Wear Ponytails -- and Not Moños (hair buns) -- When They Put Their Hair Up....

10.  A ponytail -- known here in South America as cola de caballo (literally:  tail of horse) -- shows movement and freedom. 
     Moños, pronounced MOAN-yohs, are static and tightly bound.

9.  A ponytail says “I’m up for some fun.”  A moño says “I think I’ll stay in tonight.”

8.  A ponytail with a silk blouse, sharp jeans and heels -- that's an international party outfit. 
     A moño and a granny dress -- that’s for sitting on a small-town porch.

7.  Celebs and other hot women wear ponies....
    Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Jeannie” famously wore a ponytail. Can’t imagine her wearing a moño....
    Other famous ponytailers....
    Arianna Grande
    Kim Kardashian
    Jennifer Anniston

6.  Famous moño:
     Olive Oyl (Her first appearance with Popeye was in 1919.)

7.  For the wearer, ponytails are easy to put up, easy to take down.

6.  Ponytails can go to a gala opening.
     Moños belong behind a library’s information desk.

5.  Ponytails bespeak youth and vitality.
     Moños are what your great-grandmother wore.

4.  Ponies are ready for the dance floor.
     Moños are ready for the retirement home.

3.  Ponytails say:  it’s the first day of spring.
     Moños say:  it’s February 19th.

2.  Ponytails go good with colorful sneakers or high heels .. or even bare feet !
     Moños go with othopedic shoes.

And the #1 reason that beautiful women should wear ponytails....

1.  The Three Amigos love ponytails. :) :top: :)
     They’re not so keen on moños. :(

   --- cccmedia from Medellín, Colombia,
        South America’s home of the ponytail


                                                                       Dedicated to Fred.

Cut mine off 15 years ago :D
Actually cut it off and shaved my head for a friend who lost his hair to chemo therapy and have left it off since (still basically shaved head)

Bob K

I don't have a pony tail on my head but a couple of ladies I know very well swear I have one.

With all due respect, CCC.. whoever said that, has not seen a flight attendant in the off duty hours probably?!!! = D
:proud    :idontagree:

It’s been a long time since I dated a flight attendant.

Sooooo.... what is your point?


That moños are equally, thoroughly fun!!   :proud

(Though I do endorse a ponytail on a lady any time!) Hahahhaa.. : )

cccmedia :

Sooooo.... what is your point?

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