CPR number for a working holiday permit


I am just hoping someone can please provide some clarity around my question. I am wanting to apply for a residence and work permit (working holiday permit), which is for a period of 12 months. This permit means that my purpose is to travel around Denmark with the option to work if needed. I have read that you need to report within 5 days of arrival to Denmark to the municipality to obtain a CPR number. However, as I will be travelling, I don't intend to have a permanent residential address nor do I know where I will be staying. Also, it is likely i will be staying in hostels etc. How can I obtain a CPR number without a residential address? Or what can I do about this?


Hi Aussie

It seems to be a gordian knot so put your question to the International Citizen Service and ask how this problem shall be practically disentangled . And please let us others know their answer.


Thanks Nellie! I will send them an email and see how I go! Will let you know if I receive a response for sure!


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