Looking for callaborators for Mid-Autumn Fes' charity activities.

We are an English speaking Club. We are going to hold a party for poor children in district Tân Bình on September 15th. So there are many activities that you expats can take part in.

Firstly, in order to hold the party, we are raising a fund by 2 activities on this Thursday and Friday (September 8th and 9th):
1. Guiding foreigners through the city (markets, parks, restaurants, places of street foods, fairs).
2. Being models for a eyelash extensions beauty salon (You will get a free high-quality eyelash extensions and go advertising).
Secondly, we need help with preparing lanterns and moon cakes for the children.
1. We are going to make star-shaped lanterns as presents for the children on this Sunday (September 11th).
2. We are going to make moon cakes on Tuesday (September 13th). This activity has a limit of number of people who take part in, because our place is quite small.

If you are interested, you can contact us and participate in either of these activities. You may wonder why we need foreigners. Here's my answer: We are an English speaking club and this will be a good opportunity for us to practice English and make cultural exchange.

Hi La Chi Ta,

hope you are well.

Could you please post your event in the events in Ho Chi Minh City section ?

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I did, thank you.

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